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!!Release of yapt-1.6

!!Note you must change passsword (by default admin/admin) at:

!!Release Notes

The main goal of yapt is to provide a solution to the endless grow of TiddliWiki archives. For that purpose it implements an ajax solution that replaces the core mechanism. Because of the need of synchronization during the load of content uses callbacks and hijack the core to load the plugins and the tiddler index asynchronously, using JSON for compactness and simplicity:

Since the system is not more compatible with legacy TW, it explores a more SEO approach, Replacing the store area with a list of links pointing to an alternate view that preload the content of the specified tiddler, so It could be directly indexed by bots:

* http:///es/view/Home

Now, with the new release of tw2.2, This project will adopt the new Adaptor interface that offers an standardized way to implement lazy load. 

The team behind yapt is rewritten it from scratch using the new version of TW and a backend based on cakephp.

[[Download yapt-1.6|Downloads]]
[[Mail sent to the TiddlyWikiDev Group]]

!! news:

# ''Version 2.2 of TW has been [[released|http://trac.tiddlywiki.org/wiki/ReleaseNoteTwoPointTwo]]...'' with some enhancements in download/import, server Adaptors, replace \n by 
, etc...
# Some interesting discussions related to the lazy content load implemented in yapt
* [[Ticket 209|http://trac.tiddlywiki.org/ticket/209]]
* [[Discussion on the Dev mail list on specific group dedicated on serverside implementations| http://groups.google.co.uk/group/TiddlyWikiDev/browse_thread/thread/45bf58ccfeeabc92/f7a415ecd092f503?hl=en&lnk=gst&q=ajax# ]]
*[[Meta data & lazy load | http://groups.google.com/group/TiddlyWikiDev/browse_thread/thread/ab28e78c6c9ca320/5ff7566919d63f6a?q=emd&rnum=4#5ff7566919d63f6a]]
* [[UdoBorkowski's Extensions for TiddlyWiki|http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de/]]
Following the thread, I've worked at least on three implementations. 

* A first attempt, using DWR... 
* The //current// implementation on lazy content load:
>>Note: the meta data (RemoteStore.index) is loaded thought JSON 
>>I had to take care on the async load of pluggins (that need to be done before rendering
>>Of course: I've tried ''several'' [[BackButtonFix]](es) 
> The relevant code is splitted in separate files:
**[[Patches |/es/scripts/patch.js]]
**[[ Remote Store |/es/scripts/remote.js]]

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